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Carnegie Mellon SoArch Urban Lab 2012

This project was created by Becky Cole and Talia Perry under the advisory of Professors Rami El Samahy and Eve Picker. Two neighborhoods in the south hills of Pittsburgh, Beechview and Brookline, are the focus of this urban study.

Though this project is an academic speculatvie proposal, we hope that if residents are interested in implementing the idea in their neighborhoods, the results of our studies would transition smoothly into a realized series of installations, and that this website might aid in that process of coming to fruition. Specifically, the 'If/Then Machine' has been designed to help users learn how they can apply the system at a site of their choosing; although not by any means a complete set of construction documents, it is the beginning of what could be a potential tool for the material realization of this design in Beechview and Brookline.

Please contact the authors of this site if you are interested in pursuing the ideas shown here, via email. All work protected.